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  OFFICE MEMO         Ultra SCSI Support                    Date:  1/4/96

Below is an updated list of Ultra SCSI supported by various companies.
I have divided the products supported into the following categories:

Cables/Connectors - unclear we want to include this, since our message is 
     Ultra does not need new cables/connectors
CD-ROMs (type, e.g. recordable - nothing implies read only)
Host adaptor silicon
Host adaptors
Host systems (system type, e.g. PCs)
Tapes (media type, e.g. DLT, 8 mm)
Target controller silicon
Technology - technical endorsement, no products yet

I will continue to update the list as I get more information.  Please
feel free to send me updates/corrections.

Adaptec - target controller silicon, host adaptor silicon, host adaptors
Advanced Storage Concepts - host adaptors
Amphenol - Cables/connectors
Bus Logic - host adaptors
Ciprico - subsystems (RAID)
Dallas Semiconductor - Terminators
Fujitsu - HDDs
Micon - host systems (PCs)
Q Logic - target controller silicon, host adaptor silicon
Quantum - HDDs, tapes (DLT)
Seagate - HDDs
Symbios - target controller silicon, host adaptor silicon
Trimm - enclosures
Unitrobe - Terminators
WD - HDDs, target controller silicon, host adaptor silicon
Micropolis - HDDs, subsystems

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