Summary of Letter Ballot Results on ATA-3 and SIP

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Summary of Letter Ballot Results on ATA-3 and SIP              X3T10/96-004 

Accredited Standards Committee*
X3, Information Technology
                                                 Doc. No.: X3T10/96-004 r0
                                                     Date: January 4, 1996
                                                  Project: 2008-D & 0856-D
                                                Ref. Doc.: X3T10/95-044&-045
                                                 Reply to: Mr. John Lohmeyer
                                                           Symbios Logic, 
                                                           1635 Aeroplaza 
                                                           Colo Spgs, CO 
                                                           (719) 573-3362

To:         X3T10 Membership and X3T13 Membership
From:       John Lohmeyer, Chair X3T10
Subject:    Summary of Letter Ballot Results on ATA-3 (X3T10/95-044) and SIP

The X3T10 lettter ballots on forwarding ATA-3 (Project 2008-D) and SIP
(Project 0856-D) have closed with the  results shown in the table, below.
Since project 2008-D has been transferred to X3T13, X3T10 will not address 
results of ballot (95-044).  X3T13 may at its discretion accept the letter
ballot results and address the comments or it may issue another letter 
at X3T13.

Organization            S  Person                  ATA-3  SIP    Notes
                                                   95-044 95-045
3M Company              P  Mr. Alan R. Olson       Y      Y
Adaptec, Inc.           P  Mr. Norm Harris         -      Y
Adaptec, Inc.           A# Mr. Lawrence J. Lamers  Y      -
Advanced Micro Devices  P  Mr. Ron Apt             Y      Y
Amdahl Corp.            P  Mr. Edward Fong         Y      Y
AMP, Inc.               P  Mr. Charles Brill       Y      Y
Amphenol                P  Mr. Michael Wingard     Y      Y
Ancot Corp.             P  Mr. Jan V. Dedek        Y      Y
Apple Computer          P  Mr. Dennis Pak          DNR    DNR
BusLogic                P  Mr. Clifford E. Strang  Y      Y
Ciprico Inc.            P  Mr. Gerry Johnsen       Y      Y
Circuit Assembly Corp.  P  Mr. Ian Morrell         Y      Y
Cirrus Logic Inc.       P  Mr. Joe Chen            Y      Y
CMD Technology          P  Mr. Edward Haske        Y      Y
Congruent Software,     P  Mr. Peter Johansson     Y      Y
Conner Peripherals      P  Mr. Michael Bryan       Y      Y
Dallas Semiconductor    P  Mr. Louis Grantham      Y      Y
Digital Equipment Corp. P  Mr. Charles Monia       Y      Y      IV on both
Eastman Kodak Co.       P  Mr. Robert Reisch       Y      Y
ENDL                    P  Mr. Ralph O. Weber      Y      Y/C    IV on SIP
Exabyte Corp.           P  Mr. Edward Lappin       Y      Y/C    IV on both
FSI Consulting Services P  Mr. Gary R. Stephens    DNR    DNR
Fujitsu                 P  Mr. Robert Liu          DNR    DNR
Hewlett Packard Co.     P  Mr. Stephen Holmstead   DNR    DNR
Hitachi                 P  Mr. S. Nadershahi       Y      Y
Honda Connectors        P  Mr. David McFadden      Y      Y
IBM Corp.               P  Mr. George Penokie      Y/C    Y
IIX Consulting          P  Mr. Duncan Penman       Y      Y
Iomega Corp.            P  Mr. Geoffrey Barton     Y      Y
Linfinity Micro         P  Mr. Dean Wallace        Y      Y
Madison Cable Corp.     P  Mr. Robert Bellino      Y      Y
Maxtor Corp.            P  Mr. Pete McLean         Y/C    Y
Methode Electronics,    P  Mr. Bob Masterson       DNR    DNR
Molex Inc.              P  Mr. Joe Dambach         Y      Y
NEC                     P  Mr. Chris D'Iorio       DNR    DNR
Oak Technology, Inc.    P  Mr. Dennis Van Dalsen   Y      n      No cmnts
Panasonic               P  Mr. Stephen F. Heil     Y      Y
QLogic Corp.            P  Mr. Skip Jones          N      Y
Quantum Corp.           P  Mr. James McGrath       Y/C    Y
Seagate Technology      P  Mr. Gene Milligan       Y/C    N      IV on both
Silicon Systems, Inc.   P  Mr. Stephen G. Finch    Y      Y
Storage Technology      P  Mr. Erich Oetting       Y      Y/C
Sun Microsystems, Inc.  P  Mr. Robert N. Snively   Y      Y
Symbios Logic Inc.      P  Mr. John Lohmeyer       Y      Y
SyQuest Technology      P  Mr. Patrick Mercer      Y      Y
Tandem Computers        P  Mr. John Moy            Y      Y
Thomas & Betts          P  Mr. Steven Walker       Y      Y
Trimm Technologies      P  Mr. Gary M. Watson      Y      Y
UNISYS Corporation      P  Mr. Kenneth J. Hallam   Y      Y
Unitrode                P  Mr. Paul D. Aloisi      Y      Y/C
Western Digital         P  Mr. Jeff Stai           -      Y
Western Digital         A# Mr. Thomas Hanan        Y/C    -      Cmnt not 
Corporation                                                      yet
Woven Electronics       P  Mr. Doug Piper          Y      Y

Y   - Yes                      IV  - Individual Vote
Y/C - Yes, with Comments       DNR - Did Not Return ballot
N   - No                       n - Marked No, but did
                               not include comments
                               (same as DNR)

The ATA-3 ballot results were 44:1:0:6=51.  Comments were included with four
of the Yes votes and with the No vote.  Tom Hanan vocally indicated that he
had editorial comments to accompany his Yes ballot, but they have not been
received to date.

The SIP ballot results were 43:1:0:7=51.  Comments were included with four 
the Yes votes and with the No vote.  Dennis Van Dalsen marked his ballot as
No, but failed to submit comments as required.  Therefore, his ballot is 
counted as not being returned (DNR).

(Due to the large file size, the comments are not included in this email. 
 Please see 96-004r0.doz or 96-004r0.txt on both the SCSI BBS (719-574-0424) 
and in the /pub/standards/io/x3t10 directory on

John Lohmeyer, Chair X3T10 Technical Committee

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