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  OFFICE MEMO         STA - Ultra SCSI Support List         Date:  1/2/96

We have been asked by some customers to put together a list of
component and system manufacturers supporting the Ultra
(Fast-20) SCSI standard in products.  This seems like a good idea
for a white paper from STA, and possibly a press release.

While we can talk about it next Monday in Dallas, if anyone can tell me
via email their company's position I can include their name in the initial
draft.  So far I know Quantum, HP, Seagate, Symbios, Bus Logic, Adaptec,
Q Logic, and Micron.  These are all people who are public - I know a lot
more people from customer discussions, but do not want to volunteer
their names since my discussions have been under NDA.  If people
|from thoe companies wish to make their support known, or if people
have seen their support publically recorded (in ads or attributed in
the press), then please let me know.


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