In-meeting Lunches

Skip Jones sk_jones at
Mon Feb 26 11:53:09 PST 1996

* From the SCSI Reflector, posted by:
* "Skip Jones" <sk_jones at>
By popular demand, I have arranged for the Hyatt Islandia to provide lunch
menus in each of the meeting rooms every morning during our March meeting week.

If you'd like to have working lunches or for whatever reason want to eat lunch
in the meeting room, simply order from the menu provided every morning by 10:30
AM and the hotel will cater it in the meeting room at lunch time.  Of course,
each person is responsible for their own billing.


PS:  Dal, I'm sending you all these messages because I do not have/am not on
the SFF reflector.  I trust that you'll ensure all of the appropriate folks get
the information.

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