Availability of revision 2.1 of Enclosure Services document

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at Eng.Sun.COM
Thu Feb 15 09:06:49 PST 1996

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* Bob.Snively at Eng.Sun.COM (Bob Snively)

The latest revision of the Enclosure Services document, 
X3T10/95-324, revision 2.1, has been placed on playground.sun.com
for your ftp pleasure.  In the tradition of Alice's Restaurant
and Burger King, I have not only left revision 2 available, but
have put revision 2.1 out there in last-page-first postscript, first-page-first
postscript, and mif (for use with frame maker).

	95-324-2.ps	ESI document, revision 2.0, post script
	fpfesi21.ps	ESI document, revision 2.1, first page first postscript
	lpfesi21.ps	ESI document, revision 2.1, last page first postscript
	mifesi21.mif	ESI document, revision 2.1, MIF

Copies will be available at the ESI meeting tomorrow.  

It will not escape unscathed, and revision 2.2 will be posted about the
end of February, so don't bother to get 2.1 unless you are really interested.


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