SCAM and boot devices

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In comment to your last paragraph:

>Third, SCSI-3 does have the mechanism to ID a device (WID+Logical unit
>identifier).  It is with SCSI-3 devices that the OS can now at boot 
>and at run time change physical pathing to any SCSI-3 device on the 
>fly (LIPs on Fibre Channels).  What the OS must do is get rid of 
>of the concept of a physical device and define devices as logical 
>objects.  Once this transisition is made then the rest falls into place, 
>just like there is a S2P layer, the OS must have a L2P (Logical to Physical)

I think we must bear in mind that this is at boot time, and all this
translation and physical path changing must be handled by the boot
PROM to find the boot disk (or tape or?).  While we can make this 
happen, how about the field service guy trying to figure out why it 
does not boot.

Are we needlessly complicating life?


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