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* From the SCSI Reflector, posted by:
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I've been asked to re-post the I/O-related reflector information that I did 
last year.  It is easier for me to include all of the electronic information 
|from the X3T10 WWW page (http://www.symbios.com/x3t10):

                            Electronic Information


                                   FTP Sites

Most of the X3T10 draft standards files are available for anonymous ftp from 

ftp.symbios.com in the /pub/standards/io/x3t10/drafts/* directories.

The X3T10.1 (SSA) draft standards files are available for anonymous ftp from
ftp.symbios.com in the /pub/standards/io/x3t10.1/drafts/* directories.

You may find these ftp sites interesting as well:

                   [Has draft Fibre Channel documents]

                   [Has FCSI Fibre Channel Profiles]

                   [Has ATA and ATAPI documents]


                                   Web Sites

You may find these WWW sites useful:

                   [The X3 Standards Committee home page]

                   [SCSI-2 Rev 10L on-line in HTML]

                   [Fibre Channel Association (a trade association)]

                   [SSA Industry Association (a trade association)]

                   [IEEE 1394 Trade Association]


                   I/O Interface Reflectors (mailing lists)

The following table lists information about several electronic mailing lists 

that you can "join".  These lists are often called Reflectors or Exploders
because mail sent to one address gets sent to everyone on the list (causing 
small explosion of mail activity).

              Subscribe/                                     majordomo/
Reflector     Unsubscribe           Broadcast to             listserv
Name          Address               Reflector                keyword
 ------------- --------------------- ------------------------ --------------
SCSI          majordomo at symbios.com scsi at symbios.com         scsi
X3T10-SSA     majordomo at symbios.com x3t10-ssa at symbios.com    x3t10-ssa
ATA           majordomo at dt.wdc.com  ata at dt.wdc.com           ata
ATAPI         majordomo at dt.wdc.com  atapi at dt.wdc.com         atapi
IDETAPE       majordomo at dt.wdc.com  idetape at dt.wdc.com       idetape
Disk Attach   majordomo at dt.wdc.com  disk_attach at dt.wdc.com   disk_attach
10bit         majordomo at dt.wdc.com  10bit at dt.wdc.com         10bit
CD-Recordable majordomo at dt.wdc.com  cdr at dt.wdc.com           cdr
System Issues majordomo at dt.wdc.com  si at dt.wdc.com            si
MultiMedia    majordomo at dt.wdc.com  mmc at dt.wdc.com           mmc
IEEE P1394    bob.snively at eng.sun.  p1394 at sun.com            n/a (human)
SFF           bob.snively at eng.sun.  sff_reflector at sun.com    n/a (human)
IPI           majordomo at think.com   ipi-ext at think.com        ipi-ext
HIPPI         majordomo at think.com   hippi-ext at think.com      hippi-ext
Fibre Chan.   majordomo at think.com   fibre-channel-ext at think. fibre-channel-
                                    com                      ext
FC IP Prot.   majordomo at think.com   fc-ip-ext at think.com      fc-ip-ext
PCMCIA        listserv at cirrus.com   pcmcia-gen at cirrus.com    pcmcia-gen
FC Class 4    majordomo at northyork.  fc-class4 at northyork.com  fc-class4
FC Isoch.     majordomo at northyork.  fc-isoch at northyork.hp.   fc-isoch
              hp.com                com

All of the majordomo and listserv reflectors are automatic.  To subscribe or 

unsubscribe, send a message to the subscribe/unsubscribe address with a line 

in the message body (not the subject line) of the following format:

command  reflector_name  [your_email_address]

NOTE: On the reflectors using majordomo, your email address is optional.
If you include it and it doesn't match the address in the email
headers, there will be a delay while humans verify your email address.


subscribe ata
subscribe x3t10-ssa
subscribe x3t10-ssa person at company.com
subscribe atapi
subscribe mmc
subscribe fibre-channel-ext person at company.com
subscribe pcmcia-gen person at company.com
unsubscribe x3t10-ssa person at company.com

The other reflectors are managed by humans who are a little less picky about 

the request format, but not quite as prompt.  Please include your name, 
address, phone, and fax numbers in the message body for the human-managed

If you have a modem but do not have an internet email address, you can read
reflector messages (but not post) by calling the SCSI BBS at 719-574-0424.


                             SCSI BBS INFORMATION

The SCSI Bulletin Board System (BBS) is an electronic bulletin board system
provided by Symbios Logic Inc. (formerly NCR Microelectronics) for
dissemination of information about SCSI and other I/O interface standards.

You may call the SCSI BBS at (719) 574-0424 using a 300 to 14400 baud modem
(16800 baud on USR HST modems) with 8-bit data, no parity, and one stop bit. 

There is no fee for using the SCSI BBS except your telephone long distance

The SCSI BBS contains:
  The latest files for the various SCSI-3 draft standards.

  The final committee version of SCSI-2 (Revision 10L).

  The final committee version of SCSI-1 (Revision 17B).

  Various electronic format files for the figures in SCSI-2 and the SCSI-3
  draft standards.

  Many of the X3T10 (and X3T9.2) committee documents are available in
  electronic format, including the meeting minutes.

  The X3T10 committee document register.

  The X3T10 committee membership list.

  The X3T10 Vendor ID list.

  The SCSI Common Access Method (CAM) draft standard files.

  The final committee version of the AT Attachment (a.k.a, IDE) standard.

  Drafts of the ATA-2 and ATA-3 standards.

  Many other files containing related information.

  Numerous messages from callers to the SCSI BBS about the above documents.

  Archives of the SCSI, ATA, ATAPI, X3T10-SSA, MMC, 10-bit, Fibre Channel,
  IPI, HIPPI, and P1394 email lists.

  Electronic copies of X3 Press Releases.


(Last updated 2/13/96)

John Lohmeyer             E-Mail:  john.lohmeyer at symbios.com
Symbios Logic Inc.         Voice:  719-573-3362
1635 Aeroplaza Dr.           Fax:  719-573-3037
Colo Spgs, CO 80916     SCSI BBS:  719-574-0424 300--14400 baud

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