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Tue Feb 6 08:00:58 PST 1996

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I am a senior in the School of Computer and Electrical Engineering
at Purdue University.  For my senior project, I have chosen to design
a generic SCSI controller using Mentor Graphics design/simulation
software.  I have successfully designed a working PDP-11 in the past,
so I assumed that designing a generic SCSI-1 controller would be a
piece of cake.  However, I have found that information on the SCSI
standard(s) is scarce at the Purdue Engineering Library.  So, I
decided to search the Web.  I found some information, but not enough
to start my project.  I was hoping that someone might be able to
point me in the right direction.  Any help would be appreciated.

Daniel Nall
nall at
nall at

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