Accelerated X3T10 Letter Ballot

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Fri Feb 2 14:58:00 PST 1996

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Please disregard this message if you are not a voting member of X3T10.

By separate email, the Principals and Alternates of X3T10 (who have an email 
address listing in the X3T10 database) should be receiving an electronic 
copy of an accelerated  letter ballot (sent by Gene Milligan).  This letter 
ballot is also being mailed in paper format to the X3T10 Principals (should 
arrive in an Adaptec envelop).

There are several things a bit different about this ballot that I'd like to 

1.  The ballot period is only 21 days (closes 2/23/96 at noon) due to the 
deadline for a response back to X3.

2.  Gene Milligan, as X3T10 International Representative, is conducting the 
letter ballot.  Please EMAIL your vote to Gene 
(gene_milligan at  Gene will also accept fax, but he 
prefers an email response.

3.  Electronic copies of the reference document are available on the SCSI 
BBS (719-574-0424) and on the sites.  Look for either 
96-128r0.doz or 96-128r0.pdf in file area 5 on the BBS or in 
/pub/standards/io/x3t10/document.96 on the ftp site.  These files both 
contain a scanned image of the reference document -- you only need one of 
them (or you can wait for the paper ballot to arrive).

4.  If the letter ballot form does not make it through your email system, it 
is also available in both of the above locations as file 96-014r0.doc.

As with any letter ballot, it is not acceptable to disclose your vote prior 
to the close of the ballot period.

There are currently five (5) X3T10 letter ballots in progress (sent in 4 
separate mailings).  I have received less than half of the ballots so far. 
Please remember that not responding to letter ballots is one way to lose 
your voting rights on X3T10.

Happy voting!

John Lohmeyer, Chair X3T10 Technical Committee

John Lohmeyer             E-Mail:  john.lohmeyer at
Symbios Logic Inc.         Voice:  719-573-3362
1635 Aeroplaza Dr.           Fax:  719-573-3037
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