EPI - Point to Point Length

Jim McGrath jmcgrath at QNTM.COM
Thu Feb 1 14:52:06 PST 1996

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  OFFICE MEMO         EPI - Point to Point Length           Date:  2/1/96

I have been getting customer questions on what length of cable can be
used in parallel SCSI where a point to point configuration is being used.
Apparently this has some fairly widespread application in host to
subsystem box configurations.  Bill Ham has done some testing for this
in the past for Ultra and Ultra-2 (20/40 MTransfers/sec) technology,
with very good results.

My question is are we planning to document this type of stuff in EPI
(or SPI-2)?  Sanctioning something on point to point would appear both
to be useful and simple (the testing is a lot simplier because the
placement of devices on the cable is trivial compared to a multiple
device scenerio).


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