Parity Handling

Tony DeLaCruz tdelacru at QNTM.COM
Thu Feb 1 11:38:55 PST 1996

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I was wondering what the appropriate way is to handle a Parity Error during Data
Out phase. 

Here's the scenario: 
1. A Write Extended of 100 blocks. 
2. Parity error occurs within one of the blocks transferred.

Are the following responses valid?
1. Stop committing blocks to media at the block before the block with the parity
error. Set sense data to 0xB47. Return Check Condition.

2. Target transitions to Message In phase upon detection of the Parity Error and
issues Restore Pointers Message. Target/Initiator reties Information Transfer 

3. Commit all blocks to media. Set sense data to 0xB47. Return Check Condition. 
Since all the data was committed, including the block with the parity error, I'm
not sure if the sense data is a valid response because 0xB47 represents Aborted 
Command - SCSI Parity Error. 

-Tony De La Cruz

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