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Jan Dedek dedek at ancot.com
Thu Dec 19 09:54:13 PST 1996

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Dear Pat,

accidentally, I came across your e-mail addressed to scsi at Symbios.com and I
was surprised that you never heard of our (ANCOT's) low cost SCSI analyzers. 

At COMDEX, we announced a $4,995 analyzer model 'Ultra2000/LITE' which we
believe is a strong contender to the Verisys's.  It is controlled by a PC
(or any dumb terminal) via a serial port, not PCMCIA.  Installation is very
simple, no conflicts with other devices.  You can also use a Sun's
SPARKstation by opening a terminal emulation window (and you don't need a
separate PC).  We do not record the trace on disk in real time, but have
500MB disk for saving of many traces.  Verisys still did not release the
TIMING/WAVEFORM option which was always standard on all of our models from
the very beginning, they did not start beta testing yet (now scheduled for
mid January).  There are other nice features in ANCOT SCSI analyzers that
you might be interested in, like trigger or recording filter both in
hardware, Low Volt Differential interface (standard) etc.  We have been
making SCSI analyzers since 1987. 

Verisys analyzer cost $3,995 plus timing option $895 (when available)
bringing the total to: $4,890.  Ancot analyzer (comparable model) cost
$4,995 with timing/waveform feature standard.   And when you grow, you can
add SCSI initiator emulation or upgrade and migrate to higher level, higher
performance models.

We have been shipping the '/LITEs' since late November.

It seems that there is good market in the 'below $5,000' range, and we were
neglecting it, UNTIL NOW.

Do you want to know more?  
Call our sales manager Chris Lynch at (415)322-5322, or e-mail us to
sales at ancot.com.  We also have a web page: http://www.ancot.com.


Jan Dedek

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