Proposal for IEEE company_id based formats for FC-PH world-wide identifiers

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Wed Dec 18 17:14:36 PST 1996

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This email is to summarize the discussion that I had with
Bob Snively and Rod Dekonings about my suggestion for using
the association field in the Identifier Descriptor to associate
the LUN's WWN with its node's (i.e. RAID controller) WWN. 

First, I will try to explain in more detail my reasons for
suggesting this mechanism in the first place.

In the simple disk drive case, the disk node's WWN is
usually the same as its LUN's WWN. Therefore, the association
between the LUN's WWN and its disk node's WWN can be done
easily and with the existing Device Identification page 
(i.e. nothing new is needed since there is a hard assumption 
that they are the same).

In the RAID controller case, the virtual LUNs' WWNs are not
the same as its RAID controller node's WWN and can not be
associated as easily as the simple disk drive case. 

I had hoped to get a general mechanism that could be used
at the SCSI level to associate any old LUN's WWN with its Node's
WWN (i.e., virtual LUNs' WWNs with its RAID controller node's 

I was ready to go to Dallas and make a formal proposal but
fortunately, Bob Snively mentioned that I could use the 
24-bit company_id and 36-bit Vendor Specified Identifier 
fields from the virtual LUN's WWN in IEEE registered 
extended format to get a pseudo WWN (60-bits only) for its RAID 
controller node instead.

This is satisfactory and therefore I will not submitting
a formal proposal to X3T10 at this time. Though, I would like to 
know how other people on the Initiator driver side will be handling

Thanks to everyone who assisted me in this matter. I appreciate
your time and consideration.

On Wed, 18 Dec 1996 10:51:45 -0800  Bob Snively wrote:
>I hope Charles' message clarified this question.  If you have any
>other questions about this, you can call me.
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