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Fri Dec 13 14:59:46 PST 1996

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I am interested in establishing an ad-hoc SCSI command set
to implement a Platform/Device Independent (PDI)
Socket/SSL module interface at the
Application Programming Interface (API) level.

The PDI Socket/SSL API SCSI command set would allow all
hard/firm/software to implement a rational and SECURE 
Socket/SSL system to be physically inside a single device.

Imagine modems physically packaged as 3.5/5.25" SCSI
disk drives with a PDI Socket/SSL API SCSI command set!

Currently, due to the pathetic bandwidth and
lack of device identification standards of RS-232, 
the design of modems always degenerates to
selling a few grams of silicon at closer
and closer to comodity prices.

By replacing RS-232 with SCSI, bandwidth is unlimited
(vs. RS-232) and identification of devices and their 
capabilties is  mandatory under the SCSI specification.

With SCSI, modem manufacturers will be able to distinguish
their products by including value added services such as 
caller ID, distinctive ringing, voice-mail,
e-mail (SMTP, POP3), FAX storage/forwarding, & others
that will continue to function, even if the computer is
powered-down or physically detached (i.e. laptop).

A Platform/Device Independent (PDI) Socket/SSL API SCSI command 
set is also an ideal interface for PC to PC communication.

SCSI guest ports as an R2D2 interface (or corpus callosum).

Any real/virtual device can use the exact same Socket/SSL SCSI 
command set, implementing any useful RFC to provide services 
(platform/divice independently).

The default user interface will be any web browser.  
Ineractivity will be via CGI forms, Java, ActiveX, VRML, the works.

For example: A process control system would be configured
and observed with a lap-top and a web browser accessing 
dynamically adjusted Java and VRML web pages.
E-mail would be used for standard querys and reports.
E-mail would also be able to send a message to the
alpha-pager of the site engineer that the 
"level in tank 5 is 3% below limits".

I have a set of SCSI web pages dedicated to promoting

    Diogenes SCSI Magic File Drive Systems Manifesto

    Note: major update planned for after New Year.

Live Long and Prosper,
Keith W. Parker
diogenes at
    Diogenes SCSI Magic File Drive Systems Manifesto

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