Proposal for IEEE company_id based formats for FC-PH world-wide identifiers

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Hi Bob,

Thanks for your reply. I am extremely pleased to see
all the hard work being done in this area. Hopefully,
we can put this baby to rest once and for all.

You wrote in "Draft tutorial for IEEE company_id based SCSI
identifiers" that the Fibre Channel login process normally
provides an identification of the device server and port using
one of the IEEE Fibre Channel formats.

I think device server should be replaced with node in the
above statement.

Could a RAID controller use the IEEE Registered Extended
WWN without the Vendor Specified Indentifier Extension
for its node name in the Fibre Channel login process ?

I agree that the RAID controller's virtual devices 
should use the IEEE Registered Extension WWN with the 
Vendor Specified Identifier Extension at the SPC level.

Thanks for your time and consideration in this matter.


On Thu, 12 Dec 1996 09:57:55 -0800  Bob Snively wrote:
>>From larryc at Wed Dec 11 20:59:29 1996
>>Date: Wed, 11 Dec 96 20:49:12 PST
>>Subject: RE: Proposal for IEEE company_id based formats for FC-PH world-wide 
>>To: scsi at, Bob Snively <bob.snively at Eng>
>>I believe the SPC/SPC-2 document needs to be changed 
>>to reflect the 128-bit IEEE registered extended format.
>>Table 113 - Identifier type
>>value		description
>>4		The identifier field contains a FC-PH
>>		128-bit Name_Identifier field as defined
>>		in ..... In this case, the identifier length
>>		shall be set to 16.
>Fortunately, the SCSI definition includes a length field.  As a
>result, you can simply use length field and the identifier of 3
>to specify that the format is FC-PH, but that the length is 16 bytes.
>The FC-PH NAA then defines for you the precise format of those
>The length field is properly defined in the SPC document, but in
>some parts of the document is mis-named "page length".
>For reference, see SPC rev 11, page 125, table 109, byte 3.

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