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This message is intended primarily for Micah Nerren, but 
may be valuable for anyone else involved in troubleshooting
on the SCSI Bus (or looking for a replacement for a Nextron 
SCSI Monitor).

Micah Nerren wrote:
>Tech support for every part of this system wasn't able to help, from
>Cheyenne to the SCSI card manufacturer to the PC manufacturer.
>Now when I load ARCSERVE I get periodic SCSI error messages at the
>server console. The following message pops up every 13 minutes when
>ARCSERVE is loaded:
>10/3/96 9:56:25 am  Severity = 5.
>0.0.0 (SDMSNET3) SCSI Check Condition: SenseKey=MEDIUM_ERROR >(8D000003)<

It is fairly common for peripheral and software vendors to shrug off
a problem unless they know that it is THEIR problem, such as a
SCSI protocol violation. Typically, it is necessary to identify the specific
protocol violation, and only then will the peripheral or software
manufacturer responsible  be willing to work with you to fix it.

The best method for identifying the source of a SCSI problem is
to put a SCSI Analyzer on the bus and determine which device
is responding inappropriatly to the current conditions on the bus.

The following is a list of SCSI Analyzer manufacturers that I am aware of.
If I am leaving anyone out, please send me an e-mail and let me know.

Data Transit
Peer Protocol

If you are in the San Jose area, I would be willing to stop by with my
Data Transit SCSI analyzer and get a trace of your problem. Then
you should be able to get the appropriate vendor to fix it. 

Dale Smith
Data Transit
phn (408) 365-1433
e-mail 74217.1177 at

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