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Wed Dec 11 08:36:14 PST 1996

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Hello Ayhan,

Here at Verisys we manufacture and sell the world's only PCMCIA based SCSI
bus analyzer.  We support wide, differential and Ultra, and our tools are
noted for their ease of use, depth of performance analysis information, and
low cost.  Verisys' analyzers--and there are now hundreds of them throughout
the world--have proven to be an invaluable aid in quickly debugging SCSI
issues and optimizing system performance.

Although I cannot assist you in locating Nextron, I am taking the liberty of
faxing and mailing to you complete information on our products, which I
believe would prove invaluable in your SCSI work.

Gene Stevens
Director of Sales, Verisys, Inc.
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* SCSI Protocol and Performance Analyzers                             *
* Notebook PC based (PCMCIA) and ISA bus based                        *
*                                                                     *
* SCSI-View SV1620: (16/8 bit, FAST/FAST20-Ultra, Diff./Sngl Ended)   *
* SCSI-View SV1600: (ISA Card version of SV-1620)                     *

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