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When I implemented this for Asaca's MO drive, if I recall correctly
(my memory is horrible, and it was four years ago), there are two
lists -- effectively, the format-time defect list (technically, I
think, two of them -- permanent and this format; we implemented
only the latter, since physically there was no distinction) and the
grown defect list.

We implemented it with the format list in ascending order, and the
grown list in chronological order.  This was important, since we chose 
to keep not a relocation list, but to relocate them algorithmically;
this halved the size of the grown list (not that size was problem,
anyway) and simplified our lives in other respects.

So, we interpreted the standard as implementation specific, and chose
what was best for us.  Not that you should take my advice as gospel,
but it's another datapoint for you.


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