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Ron Gould ron at core.rose.hp.com
Mon Dec 9 16:51:33 PST 1996

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>* From the SCSI Reflector (scsi at symbios.com), posted by:
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>Would someone be interested in seeing this through :)
>It has been mentioned that the Report LUNs command
>can return any of the following via the 8 byte LUN
>addressing structure:
>- peripheral device
>- lun device
>- volume set device
>This is dandy but I would like a way to specify what 
>is actually returned though.
>Specifically, I would like the freedom to ask for
>only the peripheral device LUNs or only the volume set
>device LUNs or both or neither (I guess).
>In device driver land, it is better to know in advance
>how much memory is needed before issuing the report 
>LUNs command.

Agreed, but I don't see how being able to specify what you want 
(peripheral device, LUN device or volume set LUN IDs) will help.
You still do not know how many of a particular type the device 
has to report, it is variable.  

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