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Paul Boulay p_boulay at hitachi.com
Thu Dec 5 21:21:13 PST 1996

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>posted by: Larry Chen <larryc at maxstrat.com>
>Did a table ever exist which matched the 
>ASC/ASCQ codes with their corresponding
>Sense Keys ?

Gene correctly points out that there are 2 tables which give definitions of
the ASC/ASCQ values and their meanings. (at least a text string which may
have a meaning depending on your device) but I think you are looking for
a association between a given ASC/ASCQ and a sense key.

Actually you won't find one in the standards because, in principle, these 
are orthogonal concepts. In practice, however, the same Sense Key is almost 
always used with any particular ASC/ASCQ. But for a counterexample, note 
that recovered error Sense Key may come up in many cases where Media Error 
or Hardware Error would be reported if the recovery failed.   

Look at the error you are trying to report and use the question "What should
the user / device driver do in response to seeing this?" to select the Sense
Key value. And "What is the closest representation of the root cause?" to
select the ASC/ASCQ.

Paul Boulay 

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