SBP-2 Revision 1g and Stabilization

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SBP-2 Revision 1g is available at the X3T10 FTP site,, in Portable Document
Format as SBP2R01G.PDF.

This is the revision to be proposed to the X3T10 plenary for stabilization,
Thursday, January 9, 1997, in Dallas, TX.

The motion for stabilization is expected to be as follows:

   "X moves and Y seconds that the following portions of SBP-2 Revision 1g be
    accepted as stable by X3T10:

     Section  1 Scope and purpose
     Section  2 Normative references
     Section  3 Definitions and notation
     Section  4 Model (informative)
          (with the exception of clause 4.5)
     Section  5 Data structures
          (with the exception of clauses and 5.1.3)
     Section  6 Control and status registers
          (with the exception of clause 6.5)
     Section  7 Configuration ROM
     Section  8 Access
          (with the exception of clause 8.2.2)
     Section  9 Command execution
     Section 10 Task management
     Annex A (normative)  Minimum Serial Bus node capabilities
     Annex B (informative)  Sample configuration ROM

    Sections and clauses not explicitly named above are still under active
    development by the SBP-2 ad hoc working group and are not yet stable.

    X3T10 requests the Technical Editor to publish SBP-2 Revision 2, which
    shall be essentially identical to Revision 1g but with the change bars

Voting members of X3T10: please avail yourselves of the time between now and
the plenary in Dallas to determine whether or not you support the
stabilization. A straw poll taken by the ad hoc working group recommends
stabilization of Revision 1g as described above.


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