Straw Poll on SBP-2 Revisions 1f and 1g

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Congruent Software's vote is YES to forward Revision 1f, modified in
accordance with the changes posted on the reflectors as Revision 1g, to the
X3T10 plenary for a partial stabilization vote.

If supported by the results of today's straw poll, the motion I'll indtroduce
in Dallas will be to stabilize the following sections of SBP-2 Revision 1g:

     1 Scope and purpose
     2 Normative references
     3 Definitions and notation
     4 Model (informative)
          (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF 4.5 Streams)
     5 Data structures
          (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF Stream command block ORB and 5.1.3
Stream control ORB)
     6 Control and status registers	41
          (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF 6.5 Plug control registers)
     7 Configuration ROM
     8 Access
          (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF 8.2.2 Isochronous login)
     9 Command execution
    10 Task management	

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