Proposal to add a new modifier to SCSI Write commands.

Tom coughlan at
Mon Dec 2 11:08:46 PST 1996

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* coughlan at (Tom)
>> The host gets an unrecovered read error,
>> so it will not reassign the block.  

No, this is written the way I meant it, though I agree this host behavior
is not in the Standard, and is not required.  

Generally, when a host gets an unrecovered read error it has no way to know
what data was supposed to be in the block.  Host-initiated Reassignment is
a bad thing to do in this case, because subsequent reads of the block will
succeed, but the data they deliver will be garbage as far as the
application is concerned.  The host should only Reassign when it knows what
to put in the new block (that is, after a failed Write or a Recovered Read).

Maybe your system works differently?
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