REPORT LUNS and SCC devices

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Fri Apr 26 15:59:04 PDT 1996

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Thanks for the reply.  Now just to make sure I understand...

>The answer is Yes.  When a REPORT LUNs command is sent to the base address
>(LUN 0) of a SCC device the SCC should report all directly addressable
>LUNs it knows about.(Volume sets, and peripheral devices; note those are
>the only two types of objects that can be directly addressed.)
>Also, don't confuse addressing methods (which are part of the LUN) with
>the LUN.  Addressing method is a field within the 8 byte LUN structure.

So it would be valid for an SCC device to return in the LUN list logical
unit numbers that follow the SCC addressing methods.  For example, when a
REPORT LUNS command is sent to the base address of the SCC device one of 
the LUN reported in the LUN list may be:
   0x40 0x03 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00

This would be the logical unit number for volume 3.  Correct?

Ron Gould

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