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Lohmeyer, John JLOHMEYE at cossymwest.co.symbios.com
Tue Apr 23 20:50:00 PDT 1996

* From the SCSI Reflector, posted by:

I received the following notice from Lynn Barra.  Several of our draft 
standards have been approved by ANSI (actually, the ANSI Board of Standards 
Review).  There is one error in the list;  Fast-20 will be designated ANSI 
X3.277:1996 and not a revision of a 1976 standard(!).

Congratulations to all of the Technical Editors!  You should be contacted by 
the ANSI Publications Department soon (or already) regarding publication.


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Doc No.:        X3/96-0232 - X O P T
Accredited Standards Committee  X3, Information Technology

X3 Secretariat, Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)
1250 Eye Street NW, Suite 200, Washington DC 20005-3922
Email:  x3sec at itic.nw.dc.us Telephone: 202-737-8888 FAX:  202-638-4922

Date:           April 16, 1996
Projects:       897, 993, 994, 960, 1071, 272
Reply To:       Lynn Barra
                (202) 626-5738          lbarra at itic.nw.dc.us
To:             X3 Members, X3TC Subgroup Officers
From:           Lynn Barra, Coordinator, X3
Subject:        Notification of Approval/Adoption/Reaffirmation/Withdrawal

The American National Standards Institute completed final action on
April 8, 1996 for the following:

ANSI X3.261:1996
Extended Magnetic Tape Format for Information Interchange, 36-Track, 

Serpentine, 12.65 mm (0.50 in), cpmm (37 871 cpi), Group-coded Recording
(New Standard) (X3B5)

ANSI X3.269:1996
Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP)
(New Standard) (X3T10)

ANSI X3.270:1996
SCSI-3 Architecture Model (SAM)
(New Standard) (X3T10)

ANSI X3.272:1996
Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL)
(New Standard) (X3T11)

ANSI X3.277:1976[R996]
SCSI-3 Fast-20
(New Standard) (X3T10)

ANSI/ISO/IEC 9293:1994[1996]
Volume and File Structure of Disk Cartridges for Information Interchange
(Adoption of ISO/IEC Standard) (X3B5)

Quantity orders for published copies will be billed at a special price if 
can be included with the original printing and you notify the Director of
Customer Services at ANSI of your requirements.  Please inform appropriate
personnel of these actions.  ANSI will insert the appropriates notice in a
forthcoming issue of Standards Action.

In accordance with BSR Procedures, those objecting to the approvals or
withdrawals are hereby notified of their right of appeal which must be filed
writing with the Chairman of the BSR within 15 working days after receipt of 

this notification.  The appeal must be based on due process or lack of
and include a statement as to why the BSR action should be modified.  The 

will not render decisions on the relative merits of technical matters, but 
consider whether due process was afforded technical concerns.

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