Narrow devices on a wide bus

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Wed Apr 10 17:11:51 PDT 1996

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Re: a mix or narrow and wide devices on a wide SCSI bus, I have successfully
used a wide device in wide mode and a narrow device in narrow mode on
Silicon Graphics computers.  Any implementation of SCSI on a host that does
not allow this is presumably a bug in the host computer's driver.

Ron Arp (and anyone else): in which environment did you see only narrow
use of a wide device when the wide bus also had a narrow device(s) on it?
Of course, any narrow device on such a bus must be further away from the
host on the daisy chain than any wide device(s), as the bus goes from 16
to 8 bits upon reaching the first narrow device.  Could such a cabling
error have caused your problem?
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