SSC/SMC wg minutes, 9/14/95, Media removal.

Patrick Mercer patrick.mercer at
Tue Sep 19 09:49:26 PDT 1995

        Date:    Sep. 18, 1995
        To:      SSC/SMC WG
        From:    Pat Mercer
        Subject: SCSI-3 Prevent/Allow Media removal.
     The SSC/SMC WG 11/14 minutes contained:
     > 4.4 - Prevent/Allow Media removal command. 
     > Should an Unload command be allowed when the prevent condition 
     > exists? The current Prevent/Allow Media Removal command 
     > wording is unclear on this point.
     The Feb. '95 SBC document states, in the last sentence of section 
     6.1.4 (Prevent Allow Medium Removal):
     > While a prevention of medium removal condition is in effect 
     > the logical unit shall inhibit mechanisms that normally allow 
     > removal of the medium by both an operator and by an attached 
     > medium changer.
     What am I missing?  Whether the command is LOAD UNLOAD, STOP/START 
     UNIT or CHANGE or MOVE MEDIUM, it still seems to me that the "unit 
     shall inhibit mechanisms" statement is quite clear,  - -  unless 
     there's something that I don't understand or know about???
     I would appreciate it if someone would expand on this issue and 
     explain the uncertainty.
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