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This message was posted to the SCSI reflector yesterday but for some reason my mail program encoded it in some strange way. This is a second attempt to send it in normal text format. Sorry for the confusion.

Ken Hallam
Dear Clients and Friends,

After almost 8 years as an ENDL Associate, I find myself in a position 
where I must make a change in my life. For purely personal reasons I have 
decided to leave the challenge and adventure of the self-employed and join 
the corporate ranks again. I plan to leave ENDL Associates this month for a 
position with a major corporation involved in the storage business.

Dal Allan has been friend, mentor and associate to me for many more than 8 
years and I will miss workling closely with him. He has help from Ralph 
Weber and Duncan Penman who recently joined ENDL and will assist Dal in 
providing our clients with the best of advice and direction regarding 
storage and interfaces.

My association with the SSA-IA as Chairman of its Technical committee and 
with X3T10.1 as acting Chair will continue at least through the end of this 
year. I plan to remain involved with standards in my new position, so I 
expect to see many of you in future meetings and conferences. As soon as I 
am settled in my new job, I plan to make my e-mail address and telephone 
numbers available for those who want to keep in touch, but until then, I 
can still be reached at my old ENDL numbers and addresses.

Best regards to All,

Ken Hallam

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