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Sun Sep 10 09:39:29 PDT 1995

          To:  X3T10 and X3T11
        From:  Dal Allan
        Date:  September 10  
     Subject:  Meeting Locations and International Participation 

Nikkei Electronics is the leading electronics engineering magazine in Asia, 
and sponsored an interface conference in Tokyo from September 5-6 and 
another in Taipei on September 8. 

A number of speakers from X3T10 and X3T11 traveled to Asia to participate in 
the conferences and were gratified at the strong audience which turned out 
to listen. The visibility of interfaces has dramatically increased, and 
there are plans to hold similar conferences again in 1997. 

An important theme (unplanned) running through many presentations was that 
Asian engineers need to become more involved with the standards process via
the reflectors. Unfortunately, Internet access is relatively limited in 
Asia, primarily because of outrageous and exorbitant connect charges. There 
is no equivalent to $10/month AOL and its competitors in Japan. 

Another impediment is the difficulty of physical participation because of 
the extended and expensive flights to the U.S. Many engineers in the 
audience were reluctant to begin communication with the committees through 
ignorance of the process and the participants. 

There was a very positive response to a suggestion made at the conferences: 

     Schedule one X3T10 and one X3T11 meeting a year in Honolulu. 

The airfare costs to Honolulu are lower than to the mainland and the time 
zone difference of 4 hours is significantly less (5 if DST is in effect). 

When Japanese and Taiwanese engineers were asked if they thought their 
companies would send them to Honolulu, the reaction was positive. This is 
hardly a new idea, other standards committees have been scheduling one 
meeting a year in Honolulu for this reason for quite a while. 

Meeting hosts for 1996 are set and it is short notice to consider changing 
sites unless a host wanted to change the intended meeting location. However, 
it is not too late to include this consideration in the 1997 calendar.  

For those of you who might object that this would be considered a boondoggle 
by your managers, take a look at the recent schedules which have included 
Lake Tahoe and Palm Springs as locations. A meeting in Honolulu to increase 
international participation is well-justified when you consider the number 
of peripheral and computer vendors in the Far East. 

I would appreciate this subject being added to the agenda for discussion. 

Any presenters who spoke at the Nikkei Conferences will be able to provide 
additional details if the members are interested. Due to a conflict with 
other activities in New England on Thursday (the ICC at Marlboro) I will be 
unable to attend the X3T10 plenary, although ENDL will be ably represented 
by Ralph Weber and Duncan Penman. I will be at Toronto for X3T11. 

To John and Roger: If you feel that this needs some co-ordination and/or 
liaison with JIS, I volunteer to assist the hosts of Honolulu meetings in 
that regard. 

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