sorry for the confusion

Brian A Berg bberg at
Tue Oct 31 17:35:02 PST 1995

Sorry for all the confusion here, but my wording in my earlier email
should have been more clear.  When I said ...

> what with references to Ultra SCSI, Fast-20, Fast-40 being thrown around
> with new products.  The third of these names is, of course, actually a
> reference to Wide Fast-20 ...

... what I meant was that the third of these 3 terms ("Fast-40") was an
INCORRECT use of the term since it implied that a device with a Wide
Fast-20 interface was a Fast-40 device.  Hence, it's clear that some
folks think that Fast-40 means 40 MBytes/s, but of course it's 40 MXfer/s.

Sorry again for the confusion in my wording.  I guess the medium (confusion
in terms) really is the message, eh?  Brian Berg

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