Minutes of SCSI Marketing Meeting October 16, 1995 (fwd)

Norm Harris x2230 nharris at eng.adaptec.com
Tue Oct 31 16:24:49 PST 1995


If I read your reply correctly, you stated that FAST-40 is a reference to
wide FAST-20.  This is not the case.  The interfaces are of course byte wide
double byte wide respectively.

The designations 20 and 40 refer to "megatransfers", with the designation 
wide and very wide applying to 16 and 32 bit paths.

Narrow has often been used to describe the byte wide bus.  It is also implied
in the literature when FAST-XX is used unqualified.

FAST-20 causes some of us product positioning headaches.  The WIDE SCSI product
is 20 Mbytes/SEC peak BW, as is the byte wide FAST-20.  Is this perhaps what
you're driving at?

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