Minutes of SCSI Marketing Meeting October 16, 1995 (fwd)

Brian A Berg bberg at bswd.com
Tue Oct 31 14:45:26 PST 1995

Regarding Tom Beach's response to the SCSI Marketing Meeting Minutes,
and the minutes themselves, the confusion re: SCSI is ever-increasing,
what with references to Ultra SCSI, Fast-20, Fast-40 being thrown around
with new products.  The third of these names is, of course, actually a
reference to Wide Fast-20, but who wouldn't be confused seeing these 3
seemingly different flavors of SCSI being attributed to new products???

Is there now a new meaning for SCSI-3, i.e., 3 names for the same
interface?  Of course, then, the other interpretation of SCSI-3's name
could be based on the fact that there are 3 flavors of serial SCSI.

I have been seeing articles and press releases lately that use the term
Fast-40, and its use has a snowball effect, so it looks like the Mktg.
group could do a lot to hopefully alleviate confusion.
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