Minutes of SCSI Marketing Meeting October 16, 1995 (fwd)

Tom Beach dtb at plaza.ds.adp.com
Tue Oct 31 10:39:32 PST 1995

Lohmeyer, John notes:
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> Minutes of SCSI Marketing Meeting : October 16, 1995

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> 8.    Recommendations
> The consensus of this group was to address the restrictions incumbent with
> Fast-20 regarding number of devices and cable length.  These issues arise
> mainly in the server environment.

As a very long time proponent of SCSI I'd like to point out that there
is also a LOT of misunderstanding of the impact of the existing FAST
SCSI and cable length restrictions...

We are working on a document management system based on a UNIX workstation
with SCSI disk attachment. You try to attach an optical library, internal
cable length >2 m, an 11 x 17 flat bed scanner on a table; with a system 
containing an internal FAST SCSI drive and you can't cable that puppy. You
got to add a second bus; or even a third for some pathological cases.

I don't think the technical community has succeeded in informing the user
community of the issues surrounding the current FAST SCSI, never mind the
SCSI-20 and beyond.... Maybe the marketing committee will do better.
We can only hope; but not I think with these sorts of generalizations.

What is a server anyway? Do you mean file server, scanning server,
optical library server, compute server, network access server...? 


Now here's a list that cries out for prioritization!!!!! 

>       Joint marketing/ industry marketing programs
>       Generate a press release on the SCSI Marketing Association
>       Establish a naming convention for speed/bus width
>       Communicate SCSI futures roadmap to press/public
>       Set up a Reflector
>       Set up an 800 number
>       Set up a web site
>       Set up a ftp site
>       Set up a faxback service
>       Trade show
>       Publications
>       Training
>       Provide guidance to technical committees
Best of good luck!!!!!


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