SSA files infected

LJLamers at LJLamers at
Tue Oct 24 08:53:16 PDT 1995

The following files have been discovered to contain the 'prank' virus.  If
you have downloaded these files and have not innoculated your WORD program
with the 
SCAN831.DOC file then you need to do so.

Microsoft Word Document Prank Macro Cleanup

Log file generated at 5:03 AM on 10/24/95,
for scan of directory d:\.

Cleaned:   t10-lb.doc
Cleaned:   sma-list.doc
Cleaned:   95a182r3.doc
Cleaned    95a183r1.doc
Cleaned:   95a198r1.doc
Cleaned:   95a199r0.doc
Cleaned:   tl1-r07b.doc
Cleaned:   95a182r2.doc
Cleaned:   95a198r0.doc
Cleaned:   95ajpsr0.doc
Cleaned:   95-338r0.doc

Cleanup finished.

Lawrence J. Lamers
Secretary, X3T10.1
ljlamers at

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