1995/1996/1997 X3T11 Meeting Schedule

Horst L Truestedt truested at vnet.ibm.com
Tue Oct 10 17:17:21 PDT 1995

                                                  version 10/05/95


DECEMBER 4-8                   San Diego,CA       ENDL-- Joint with SC95


FEBRUARY 5-9                   San Diego, CA      Vitro

APRIL 9-12      **             Palm Springs, CA   Western Digital
          **Tues thru' Fri.

JUNE 10-14                     Santa Fe, NM       Los Alamos Nat. Lab

AUGUST 5-9      **             Hawaii  OR         Hitachi OR
                               Boulder, CO        Storage Tek

OCTOBER 7-11                   St. Petersburg     AMP
                               Beach, FL
DECEMBER 2-6    **             Boulder, CO OR     Storage Tek OR
                               Palm Springs,CA    Western Digital



APRIL 7-11      **       Palm Springs, CA  OR     Western Digital  OR
                         Boulder, CO              Storage Tek

JUNE 9-13                Seattle, WA(?)           Boeing(?)

AUGUST 11-15             HONOLULU, HAWAII(??)

OCTOBER 6-10             Tucson, AZ(?)            FSI(?)


Note that there are still open dates in 1997.  If you would
like to host, please contact Carl Zeitler, 512-838-1797

** We are trying  to set up a meeting in Hawaii for August 1996.
If arrangements are successful, then Storage Tech will host either in
December 1996 or April 1997 and conversely, Western Digital will host
either in April 1997 or December 1996.

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