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Doug, the dates/locations you have listed for X3T11 are committed.


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 Could somebody confirm that these are the destinations for T10 and T11
 meetings for the next few months? If I understand the schedule correctly,
 there's an unusually high potential for back-to-back tickets. My travel
 agent says that the only restriction on advanced purchase is that
 the airline schedules change on a monthly time scale so flights numbers
 and times will have to be re-confirmed for the second ticket.

 November 6-9 Palm Springs CA T10        **

 December 3-8 San Diego CA T11           *

 January 8-12 Dallas TX T10

 February 5-9 San Diego CA T11           *

 March 11-15 Newport Beach CA T10        **

 April 9-12 Palm Springs CA T11          ***


 November 4-8 Palm Springs CA T10        ***

 * = pair these two, flights to San Diego
 ** = pair these two, flights to LAX
 *** = pair these two, flights to Palm Springs


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