Request Sense

Skip Jones sk_jones at
Wed Oct 18 10:26:00 PDT 1995


Sounds like you may be hooked-up to an old SCSI-"0" host!  Maybe it's because
I'm getting old also, but I'd transfer the first four bytes of sense data to an
initiator that sends me a REQUEST SENSE command with an allocation length of
zero, which is what the old SCSI-1 standard says to do, as I recall (then
again, my memory....).

Skip Jones
Marketing Manager 
From: Rick Bohn on Wed, Oct 18, 1995 6:17 AM
Subject: Request Sense
To: scsi at

What is the politically correct way to handle a request sense command with an
allocation length of zero (no data transfer). My contention is that any sense 
data for the I_T_x nexus should be cleared. Some people think it should be


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