Rev 1 of Device Identification Page Proposal (fwd)

Paul Edwards paul at
Thu Oct 12 15:07:26 PDT 1995

Lohmeyer, John writes:
>      Date: October 12, 1995
>        To: X3T10 Committee
>      From: John Lohmeyer, Principal member from Symbios Logic
>   Subject: Device Identification Page Proposal (Rev 1)
> At the July `95 SCSI working group meeting, I presented revision 0 of this
> proposal.  Rev 0 principally dealt with retrieving SCAM strings and defined 
> an
> new mode select/sense page.  With the input I received at that meeting plus
> various discussions since the meeting, I have prepared revision 1.  This
> proposal would define a new Vital Product Data page and includes the ability
> to return multiple identifiers (e.g., a device may have both an X3T10
> identifier and an IEEE identifier).

I'm glad to see this proposal.  I need a way to differentiate Tape Medium 
Changers from CD-ROM Medium Changers, etc.  The 5-bit Dev Qualifier is not
sufficient anymore.


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