FW: Standard NAG!

Jeff Stai stai at dt.wdc.com
Thu Oct 12 09:41:25 PDT 1995

I had a note from someone indicating that one of the nights in our
block in November was sold out. I have consulted with the hotel and
more rooms have been made available for November 7th.

November 8th is currently a potential problem. There are only a handful
of rooms in our block still available, and the hotel is otherwise
booked that day. The hotel has another group that has not picked up its
block commitment for the 8th, and the hotel is working to free up some
of those rooms. If you are not able to get in today, please be patient
and try again tomorrow or the next day.

Thanks for your understanding, and sorry for any hassles... I'll keep
you informed here of any "developments".

jeff stai
western digital i/o products
stai at dt.wdc.com

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