Medium changer question

Dan Davies - Overland Data ddavies at
Wed Oct 11 14:06:04 PDT 1995

Here's a question for those folks involved with the SCSI-3 Medium Changer 
command set:

Has any provision been made in the SCSI-3 medium changer model and command 
set to allow bar code information (Volume Tag) to be associated with a 
removeable magazine?  I'm aware of some vendor unique implementations that 
can report the bar code information for a magazine (not the media in the 
magazine), but I can't find anything that deals with it it a standard 
fashion.  This information would be useful with library management 
software to prompt the user for insertion of a specific magazine for a 
particular operation.

Any comments or information would be appreciated.


Dan Davies
Overland Data Inc.

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