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Tak Asami asami at
Tue Oct 10 09:10:17 PDT 1995

Ron Cudzewicz of fermi lab wrote:
> Just wondering if LVDS is going to use the same signaling levels, etc.

Yes, Ron.  LVDS is a lot different from conventional differential scsi.
LVDS is signal level compatible to industry standards such as IEEE-1596.3,
EIA-422, 485 or 612.  Diff scsi is EIA 485 compatible.
To make the long story short, its main motivations are to:

1) Take advantage of signal integrity of differential scsi to enable 
   faster data tranfer rate (Fast-40 and Fast-80).
2) Reduce the driving power on the signal so the drivers can be built
   in to the LSI device for lower cost.

LVDS is being documented in the new SPI-2 project in ANSI X3T10 and it
is expected to have ability to automatically detect the signal levels,
(it uses the same cable pin-outs as its predecessor), but they cannot
talk the different levels (single ended, differential, LVDS) on the bus.

Yes, it does have the potential of obsoleting the existing differential scsi.
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