LVDS and terminators

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Thu Oct 5 12:03:07 PDT 1995


As I see it, using Jim's market definitions of PC verses server, the PC market
'wants' performance but 'demands' super-low prices.  The server market
'demands' performance and 'wants' low prices.  However, when push comes to
shove, price wins out in the PC market while there does exist some premium for
the performance demanded by the server market (albeit, not much and short

If I am correct, then the more expensive buffer memory configurations required
for disk drives to support ANY "real fast" interface such as FC-AL, new SSA,
and FAST-40 will likely not be embraced by the PC market, but will be welcomed
in the server market.  At least until such time that the price equalizes for a
given performance point.  

Again, the more expensive buffer problem for faster interfaces is not unique to
parallel Fast-40.  

If nobody, including the server market, will tolerate the price delta resulting
|from more expensive buffer/memory configurations, then there is no market for
SSA, FC-AL, Fast-40, or ATA-12(?)!!  My old friend Yogi would call this
scenerio a "Sunset Strategy", should we adopt this thinking as our premise for
further standards work.

I caution against becoming overly wrapped-up in the cost of technology from any
current-day vantage point.  In 1987, QLogic's and our licensee's very popular
stand-alone SCSI protocol device sold for no less than $30.00.  Today, you get
it through distribution, single-unit price, from me and my competitors for less
than $11.00!

If we keep a close watch on the 'cost' we build into standards and still
satisfy the market's performance and functional requirements, I believe we will
have done our job as best we can. Ultimately, the market will identify itself. 

I am truely delighted to see such technically competent engineers become so
concerned with cost.  Let's keep it up!

Skip Jones,
Marketing Manager, QLogic

From: Tak Asami on Wed, Oct 4, 1995 8:31 PM
Subject: Re: LVDS and terminators
To: scsi at

There is this "miracle driver" stuck in your mind.
That's fine.  Such driver can be designed, or so I think, for now.

I am pointing out that to be fully Fast-40 LVDS capable and backward
compatible, that miracle driver is not even a major cost concern.
I listed an example of buffer bandwidth and the manager, which have to
support it to be far larger cost.

Otherwise, we are AGREEING (scary, isn't it?) about your economics.
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