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Wed Oct 4 11:26:00 PDT 1995

Sorry for all the cross-posting; please just delete the extras (and pity me 
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Jeff Stai asked me to forward this reminder about the November '95 X3T10 
meetings in Palm Springs, CA.  It is time to make your reservations!

John Lohmeyer

Hi all:

This is the usual cheerful NAG message to remind everyone to book their
reservation for the next X3T10 meeting in Palm Springs, CA. The
official cut off date is October 18, 1995.

Be advised, however, that while the hotel has rooms blocked out for us,
that week is becoming popular. The hotel has advised me that they would
really appreciate it if everyone would book sooner so that we have a
better chance of opening up a new block if we use up our initial block
of rooms. Apparently, the rooms not in our block are very close to
being sold out that week.

Attached is the latest meeting notice for your information and

jeff stai
western digital i/o products
stai at dt.wdc.com

To: X3T10 Membership and Hangers On

Western Digital Corporation is pleased to be able to host the November
plenary meeting of X3T10. Without further ado, the key details:

        Hyatt Regency Suites Palm Springs
        285 North Palm Canyon Drive
        Palm Springs, CA 92262
        619-322-9000 or 800-233-1234

        Group Name: Western Digital
        Room Rate: $110/night, includes tax and parking

        Cut Off Date: October 18, 1995

I want to emphasize that this time of year is the start of THE SEASON
in Palm Springs. We have negotiated a very good room rate with a four
star hotel. If you miss the cutoff date, you can expect to pay
$150-$200 per night for a room or more, if you can find one at all! I
cannot stress more how important it is for you to make your
reservations by the cutoff date. After that date, rooms are on a space
available basis. You don't want to do that, unless you want to stay at
the Motel 6 in Indio!

Some additional background may be in order. The Hyatt is located in the
Palm Springs Village area. It is within walking distance of many shops
and restaurants, and I believe there is a casino in town now, run by
the local Native Americans. There may perhaps be some of you who golf.
If so, let the hotel know when you check in.  They can set up tee times
for you at Rancho Mirage Country Club, with special discount green
fees. Enjoy!

Palm Springs is well served with jet service by several airlines to
Palm Springs airport. To get to the hotel from Palm Springs Airport,
you can call the hotel for a complementary shuttle (it's only three
miles). To drive from the airport, exit the rental car lot by turning
left on El Cielo Rd. At the stop sign turn right on Tahquitz. Go a few
blocks and turn right on Indian Ave. This is a four lane, one way road
and you need to get immediately over to the left. Turn left on Amado,
and another left onto North Palm Canyon Drive. Hyatt Regency Suites is
on the right at the corner of North Palm Canyon Drive and Amado Road.
There is an entrance to an underground parking garage.

You may also fly into Ontario airport if you prefer, though the drive
is about 90 minutes from there. It is a scenic drive in a desert-y
sort of way. From Ontario airport go north on Vinyard to I-10. Head
east a long time on I-10 to state highway 111. Remain on highway 111
for about 11 miles (it will become North Palm Canyon Drive). Proceed to
Amado Road and you're there..

You lucky few travelling from Orange County can hop state highway 91
and take it all the way out to state highway 60. Stay on 60 until it
merges with I-10, proceeding as described above.

Needless to say, if you have any problem making a reservation, please
contact me. I will beat up the appropriate people!

                        X3T10 November '95 Meeting Map
                               (10/4/95 Version)

Monday 11/6        9   10  11  12  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
                   | SPI-2 Study Group             |                  (35)
                                   |High Avail. SG |                  (10)
                                           | FCLC                  |  (40)

Tuesday 11/7       9   10  11  12  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
                   | EPI SG        | SCSI-3 WG                 |      (40)
                   |  CAM-3 WG     | SBP WG        |                  (10)

Wednesday 11/8     9   10  11  12  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
                   | SCSI-3 WG                                 |      (40)
                                   | MMC Working Group |              (20)
                   |SFF Form Factor| SFF/VHDCI WG      |              (40)

Thursday 11/9      9   10  11  12  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
                   |  SFF          | X3T10 Plenary                 |(40/70)
                   |  SSC/SMC WG   |                                  (10)

Friday 11/10   8   9   10  11  12

                   (No meetings planned for Friday)

    Meetings marked with == are X3T10-authorized meetings.
    Meetings marked with -- are authorized by other groups and may change
    without notice.

Meeting Map Abbreviation Key:
1394TA:           1394 Trade Association
ATA:              AT Attachment (a.k.a. IDE)
ATA-2:            ATA Extensions
ATA-3:            Third Generation ATA
ATAPI:            ATA Packet Interface
CAM:              Common Access Method
CAM-3:            Next generation CAM for SCSI-3 (was called CAM-2)
EPI:              SCSI Enhanced Parallel Interface (Technical Report)
Fast-20:          Synchronous Data Transfer at 20 Megatransfers/second
FC-AL:            Fibre Channel - Arbitrated Loop (an X3T11 project)
FCLC:             Fibre Channel Loop Community (not an X3 activity)
I/F:              Interface
High Avail.:      High Availability
LB:               Letter Ballot
MMC:              SCSI-3 Multimedia Commands (CD-ROM)
P1394:            IEEE Project on High Performance Serial Bus (not an X3 
PH:               Physical (Connectors, Cables, Transceivers, etc.)
Plenary:          Full Committee Meeting
RAB:              RAID Advisory Board (not an X3 activity)
RAID:             Redundant Array of Independent Devices
SCC:              SCSI-3 Controller Commands (RAID)
SCSI:             Small Computer System Interface
SFF:              SFF Industry Group (not an X3 activity)
SG:               Study Group
SMC:              SCSI-3 Medium Changer Commands
SPI-2:            Second Generation SCSI-3 Parallel Interface
SSA:              Serial Storage Interface
SSC:              SCSI-3 Stream Commands (includes Tape)
SSP:              Serial Storage Protocol (Protocol for SSA)
Stor:             Storage
UIG:              User Interest Group (not an X3 activity)
VHDCI             Very High Density Cabled Interconnect
WG:               Working Group (same as Ad Hoc Group)
X3T10:            Lower Level Interfaces Technical Committee (was X3T9.2)
X3T10.1:          SSA Task Group of X3T10 (was X3T9.7)

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