Fun wityh Acronyms

Skip Jones sk_jones at
Wed Nov 29 12:07:30 PST 1995

OK already!

So, a lot of folks appear to be unhappy with SIG since there is some fear that
people will think it's a Special Interest Group (which, of course, it is!). For
several years, I have seen only the term SWIG used to generally define such

The fact is that the goodness or badness of a name is directly proportional to
the success or failure of what the name is associated with.  The only reason
that Apple seems like a good name for a computer company is due to the
company's success, just as Osborne is a lousy name due to that company's
failure.  The logic that states that a name is bad if the name has multiple
meanings which could lend itself to confusion would also dictate that "Apple"
is a worse name than Osborne!  However, in the early eighties I was rarely
confused as to whether I was buying fruit or computers.

I say all that to say this; "WHO CARES?!"  If the marketing group does a good
job, the name, whatever it turns out to be, will wind-up being a good name.

(Please folks, excersise some professional disipline and restraint for the
overly-obvious jokes to my following straight-line).... "I like Ken's SAC!"

Howzabout SAC (SCSI Advisory Council)?

BR (aka, 'Best Regards')

Skip Jones
Marketing Manager, QLogic Corp.

From: Hallam, Ken                 MV on Tue, Nov 28, 1995 5:21 PM
Subject: Fun wityh Acronyms
To: SCSI Reflector

Regarding the many messages on a proper name for the SCSI marketing group: 
Perhaps we are going at this all wrong. Start with the acronym you want and 
then make up the name to fit it.

PIG = Parallel Interface Group
SOW = SCSI Opportunity Working-group
HOG = High-performance Operations Group
(Apologies to the Harley Owners Group)
SUC = SCSI Users Council

More seriously:
SAB = SCSI Advisory Board
SAC = SCSI Advisory Council
SMG = SCSI Marketing Group

I agree with Jerry Houlder, avoid acronyms like SIG that already have a well 
established meaning. Where is Jeff Stai when we need him? Jeff holds the 
World title in acronym creation and his input here could be invaulable, (or 
worth nothing, which is the same thing).



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