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Jeff Stai stai at
Tue Nov 28 18:07:45 PST 1995

Ken H. sez...

> Regarding the many messages on a proper name for the SCSI marketing group: 
> Perhaps we are going at this all wrong. Start with the acronym you want and 
> then make up the name to fit it.
> PIG = Parallel Interface Group
> SOW = SCSI Opportunity Working-group
> HOG = High-performance Operations Group
> (Apologies to the Harley Owners Group)
> SUC = SCSI Users Council

you seem to have this porcine fixation...

> More seriously:
> SAB = SCSI Advisory Board
> SAC = SCSI Advisory Council
> SMG = SCSI Marketing Group
> I agree with Jerry Houlder, avoid acronyms like SIG that already have a well 
> established meaning. Where is Jeff Stai when we need him? Jeff holds the 
> World title in acronym creation and his input here could be invaulable, (or 
> worth nothing, which is the same thing).

Thanx so much....!-)

I have been sharing some ideas privately, so here you go too, because
you asked so nicely...

my slightly non-serious fave is:

  SMUG = SCSI Marketing & Users Group

but then we also have:

  SCAG = SCSI Council of Advisory Gurus
  SMEG = SCSI Marketing Enterprise Group
  SMUT = SCSI Marketing & Users Team
  SMAC = SCSI Marketing Advisory Council
  SCUM = SCSI Council of Users & Marketeers

and really stretching things:

  MUTS = Marketeers and Users Teaming for SCSI
  CATS = Council of Advisors and Technoids for SCSI
  WORMS = World Organization of Researchers and Marketers of SCSI
  STUF = SCSI Team for User Fidelity
  STUD = SCSI Team for Users & Developers
  SPIL = SCSI Parallel Information League
  SWIL = SCSI World Information League
  SCIDU = SCSI Council Integrating Developers & Users
  FATSLOBSS = Formal Advisory Team to Sell Lots Of Blazing SCSI Stuff
  JUGHEADS = Joint User Group Helping End-users And Developers of SCSI
  STINC = "SCSI's Time Is Now" Committee
  TWITS = The World Information Team for SCSI
  SANC = SCSI Advisors for the Next Century
  STAI = SCSI Team of Advisors to the Industry (?!)

and of course:

  **** = SCSI High-performance Industry Team

had enough yet...?-)

(needless to say, no one should take any of this personally or

jeff stai
stai at

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