Fun wityh Acronyms

Hallam, Ken MV KHallam at
Tue Nov 28 17:02:00 PST 1995

Regarding the many messages on a proper name for the SCSI marketing group: 
Perhaps we are going at this all wrong. Start with the acronym you want and 
then make up the name to fit it.

PIG = Parallel Interface Group
SOW = SCSI Opportunity Working-group
HOG = High-performance Operations Group
(Apologies to the Harley Owners Group)
SUC = SCSI Users Council

More seriously:
SAB = SCSI Advisory Board
SAC = SCSI Advisory Council
SMG = SCSI Marketing Group

I agree with Jerry Houlder, avoid acronyms like SIG that already have a well 
established meaning. Where is Jeff Stai when we need him? Jeff holds the 
World title in acronym creation and his input here could be invaulable, (or 
worth nothing, which is the same thing).



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