RE Trinary: Parallel SCSI, Marketing Group Names

Gene Milligan Gene_Milligan at
Tue Nov 28 17:41:48 PST 1995

Regarding Skip's:
>Again, I can argue about the caliber and level of knowledge already posessed by
>the "we" in your statement of, " will 'we' quickly recognize the present
>scope".  If someone truly attends the meeting or has a need to know the subject
>matter whom is not up to date on the subject matter, the primary focus, and the
>skill-set of the attendees, then they probably would not know anything about
>any of this anyway!  It's self-compensating!  At least, they and their
>confusion would be pretty harmless.

 The "we" I was referring to was not those that attend the meetings. I was 
referring to those that don't attend and just read about the activity in the 


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