Parallel SCSI, Marketing Group Names

Lohmeyer, John JLOHMEYE at
Wed Nov 22 11:51:00 PST 1995


I like your proposal (and doubt anything useful can be "sexy" -- sure beats 
the creeping superlatives).  I understand Gene's concerns with using 'SPI' 
here as it could be confused with the standard, which does not deal with all 
the flavors that your naming convention covers.  Perhaps the marketing group 
can produce a table that relates the various names to the appropriate 

As for the group name, I would like to avoid the word "parallel" even though 
that is our current focus.  The P word could be rather limiting in the 
future when we might need to broaden our focus to include other physical 
transport layers.

My suggestions:

SCSI Industry Association
SCSI Industry Group
SCSI Marketing Group
SCSI Marketing Association
SCSI Trade Association
SCSI Association
 . . .

Happy Thanksgiving!

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