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Lohmeyer, John JLOHMEYE at cosmpdaero.ftcollinsco.ncr.com
Wed Nov 22 11:11:00 PST 1995


Yes, there are two meetings:

  Thursday Dec. 14th  9:00 -- 5:00  SCSI Marketing Group
  Friday   Dec. 15th  9:00 -- 5:00  SPI-2 LVDS Working Group Meeting

Both meetings are being held at the Milpitas, CA Holiday Inn (408-321-9500) 
and are hosted by Jim McGrath (Quantum Corp.).  The Thursday meeting is the 
second meeting of the newly-forming SCSI Marketing Group (and one of their 
agenda items is to pick a name for the organization).  The Friday meeting is 
a technical meeting of X3T10 on SPI-2 with continuing focus on LVDS issues.

The 12/15 meeting was setup at the September X3T10 meetings and re-affirmed 
at the November X3T10 meetings.  And just for the record, additional SPI-2 
meetings are planned for:

  Monday January 8th  9:00 -- 8:00  SPI-2 Working Group  Dallas, TX
  Monday February 5th 9:00 -- 5:00  SPI-2 Working Group  Denver, CO

The January meeting is part of the X3T10 meeting week and I am hosting the 
Feb 5th meeting -- details to be determined.


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