SPI Defects and Clarifications

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Sat Nov 18 08:11:59 PST 1995

Accredited Standards Committee
X3, Information Processing Systems
Doc: 	X3T10/95-356r0
Date:	November 8, 1995
Project:	X3T10/0855D
Ref Doc.:	ANSI X3.253:1995
Reply to:	Lawrence J. Lamers
To: 	   	X3T10 Membership
From:	Lawrence J. Lamers
Subject: SPI Defects and Clarifications


It has been brought to the attention of X3T10 that several defects exist in
SPI.  X3T10 plans to correct those defects by processing an amendment to SPI.
 This proposal identifies those defects and the corrections being considered.


Annex B

Replace the phrase "shall implement the hard reset alternative" with "shall
not implement the soft reset alternative as defined in SCSI-2."

Replace the phrase "reset condition" with "reset service request " or "reset
service indication." as appropriate.

Annex D

D.2 Cable measurement

The following test procedures are recommended for measuring cable parameters.
In addition to the referenced standards, single-ended measurements are made
between the signal wire of the pair under test and the ground wire of all
pairs connected to the shield.

The following procedure prepares the cable sample for the testing of
differential impedance, single-end mode impedance and propagation delay.
a) Cut sample cable length to 6 m.
b) Remove 5,0 cm of outer jacket at each end of the cable sample.
c) Comb out braid wire strands to form a pigtail.
d) Trim filler and tape materials.
e) Strip insulation from all conductors at both cable ends 0,6 cm.

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